Advanced Swim

For ages 6 years and up, our advanced swim and stroke clinic classes build on the fundamentals from levels 1-3 and teaches advanced techniques for improved control, efficiency and endurance in all six strokes.


Ages 6 and up
Ratio 5:1
Four 55-minute classes

Level 4: Stroke Improvement

  • Age-appropriate water safety
  • Improvement of breaststroke and sidestroke
  • Endurance building with freestyle, backstroke, and elementary backstroke
  • Introduction to butterfly
  • Tread water (2 minutes)
  • Introduction to open turns
  • Improvement of diving technique
  • Introduction to standing dives

Stroke Clinic (Former Levels 5 & 6)


Ages 6 and up
Ratio 20:1
Eight 55-minute classes

All students must be able to swim 50 yards without stopping before enrolling in this course.

  • Improve control, efficiency, and endurance in all six strokes
  • Swim 50 yards front crawl, backstroke
  • Swim 25 yards breaststroke, butterfly, and sidestroke
  • Tread water for 5 minutes
  • Development of flip turns and open turns
  • Age-appropriate water safety
  • Build endurance to prepare for the competitive level
  • Acquaint swimmers to competitive equipment and training aids
  • Utilize drills to improve technique
  • Introduce racing starts from the blocks

The Stroke Clinic at Aquatic Adventures is a 55-minute class meeting twice per week (participants have the option of attending one or both classes each week).  This course is designed for students who already have a good foundation for the fundamentals of swimming and desire to learn more advanced swimming techniques, as well as improve their individual fitness. It is ideal for those who may have an interest in competing with a swim team.

Our Stroke Clinic classes put emphasis on proper technique, not speed. A strong technical foundation will ensure that students progress much faster when the time comes for them to work on speed. Students will receive intensive coaching with one-on-one critiquing.

Participants must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle without stopping and have an understanding of the four competitive strokes.  Classes will be broken into intermediate and advanced swimmers.  Though drills may be the same for each group, varying distances and time requirements will set them apart.

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