Aqua Fitness

Stretch, Strengthen, & Tone


Aquatic Adventures Ohio is proud to offer Aquatic Fitness programs that offer an array of classes that appeal to all fitness levels and ages. We offer UV-treated and temperature-controlled pools to maximize your fitness experience. Classes include Aquatic Spinning, Hydro Circuit, Aqua Bootcamp, Aqua Zumba, Deep Dynamics, Aqua Blast, Aqua Yoga, Keep It Movin’ Baby and more!

The swimming pool is a great equalizer, a place where people of all abilities can get a fun yet challenging workout. It doesn’t matter if you are a swimmer or non-swimmer, the pool is where you want to be for exercises that range from gentle aerobics to heart-pounding boot camp-style workouts.

Aquatic Fitness Membership Offerings

  • Premium Monthly Aquatic Fitness $89 
  • Convenience – Non Member $20 drop in rate, per class
  • 10 Class Pass  $175.00

Try Us Out!

We offer a free VIP Class Pass through our Aquatic Adventures Ohio mobile app. Simply download the app and create a profile. Select VIP Class under Buy and Schedule a class. Join the day you attend class, and you will receive 10% off your first month.