School-Age Aquatics

For children 6 years or older, this class teaches the basic water skills as well as expands on stroke fundamentals and development. Our highly trained, Red Cross Certified, instructors provide a fun, safe, comfortable environment for learning.



Ages 6 and up
Four 30-45 minute classes

  • Age-appropriate water safety
  • Becoming comfortable in and around water
  • Submerging face and ears
  • Scooping and kicking on front
  • Floating on both front and back (with minimal support)
  • Jumping into chest-deep water (with assistance)
  • Age-appropriate water safety
  • Alternating arm and leg action on front
  • Simultaneous arm and leg action on back
  • Floating on front and back, with recovery to vertical position
  • Introduction to backstroke
  • Jumping into deep water and returning to the side of the pool
  • Introduction to diving
  • Age-appropriate water safety
  • Refinement of freestyle and elementary backstroke
  • Rotary breathing techniques
  • Independent treading for 30 seconds
  • Breaststroke and butterfly kicks
  • Introduction to diving and kneeling dives
  • Introduction to sidestroke and breastroke
  • Kneeling dives

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