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Medical Form

Please follow the directions carefully on Page 1 of the medical statement.  Depending on medical history, you may be required to fill out page 2 or have a physician signature and approval.  It is very important you follow the directions on Page 1 of the medical statement.  If Page 1 or Page 2 requires, please obtain a physician signature and approval.  You will need to take the entire packet to your physician’s office before starting any pool work.

Medical Form

Liability Form

A Witness signature is required for the liability form, you MUST sign it in front of the witness. If you don't have someone to witness then wait to sign it until you come in to class and have someone from the class be your witness. Leave the instructor field blank.

Class Liability Waiver

Solo Diver Liability

The SDI Solo diver course has its own liability form unique to that class. ONLY fill this out if you are doing the Solo Diver class

Solo Diver Liability Waiver

Global Referral Form

This form must be completed by our staff for students who have chosen to complete their open water certification dives with another scuba shop. 

Global Referral Form