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We have a full range of quality rental gear

  • Dive Computers: Oceanic Veo Console with Compass or Aqualung 1330R Wrist Computer
  • Regulators: Atomic Z3, Apeks XTX40 and Aqualung Helix Pro
  • BCD's: We offer unisex, men's and women's BCs of various types. AquaLung Axiom's, Zeagle Zena's, Zeagle Covert XT's. For the kids we have AquaLung Waves and Zeagle Ranger Juniors
  • Wetsuits: 2mm BARE Revel/Elate Shorty, 3mm Aqualung Hydroflex Shorty, BARE Manta Junior Shorty, 7mm AquaLung Full Suit, and Akona 4XL-5XL 7mm Full Suit
  • Dry Suits: BAREe Trilam Tech Dry 
  • Tanks: Aluminum 80’s, 63’s, 53's and 40's
  • Weights: Full range of weights available
  • Gloves 5mm
  • Hoods: 5mm wetsuit hoods and dry suit hoods

Going on a trip? We will price match with the resort or dive shop onsite.

Rental Pricing:

Item First Day Additional day
Wrist Computer $15 $5
Regulator System (computer included) $30 $10
Buoyancy Compensator Device $25 $10
Wetsuit (7mm or 3mm Shorty) $20 $5
Dry Suit $120 $30
Hood $8 $2
Gloves $8 $2
Weight (bag up to 30lbs) $10 $5
Tank $15 $10
Personal Gear Per Item (Mask/Snorkel/Fins/Boots) $5 $5

Sales tax not included

Stop by the shop or give us a call at 614-545-DIVE to book!

Rental Questions?