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Please note that if you show up to class without all of the required gear, or your gear is not fully functional you will NOT be able to participate. Check the functionality of all of your gear BEFORE class.


All classes with any water component require you to provide your own personal gear (Mask, fins, boots, and a snorkel). Open water students can stop reading here.

For specialty classes the below is the base requirement, there is also a list of course specific requirements. You must bring proof of your open water certification with you.

  1. BCD, Regulator, and Computer, Wetsuit, and a single rental tank are included in the cost of the course
  2. Knife or Cutting Device is required and must be provided by the student
  3. Rescue Signal: Rental BCD's have a whistle for this. If you have your own gear you must have some sort of rescue signal. SMB, Whistle, Signal Mirror, Inflator Horn are all examples of acceptable signaling devices. Tank Bangers, and other underwater signaling devices do not qualify

If you are providing your own life support gear the following also applies

  1. Alternate Air Source
  2. Pressure guage or Air integrated dive computer
  3. Dive Computer
  4. Exposure suit appropriate for the conditions
  5. Cylinder with appropriate gas volume for your class
  6. Compass, for any class with Navigation skills

Computer Nitrox Diver

The only equipment required for this class is your personal dive computer (if you own your own)

Deep Diver

If you are taking this class locally a redundant air source is required. Coordinate with the shop if you require this.

Dry Suit Diver

If you own your own Dry Suit you must have a separate low presure inflator hose for the Dry Suit. If you are renting we provide that hose with the rental

Rescue Diver

In addition to the equipment explained above that is required for all specialties, divers also need a pocket CPR mask, an SMB and a reel.

Equipment Specialist

No equipment required

Full Face Mask Diver

We have only 1 full face mask available to rent, please make arrangements for this asap as it is first come, first serve

Night/Limited Visibility Diver

2 Scuba Lights: primary and back up.

Audible signal device