Open water season starts in May!

Open water season starts in May!

  • SDI Divemaster

SDI Divemaster


Becoming an SDI Divemaster is the first certification at the professional level. During the course, you will learn how to work with divers, lead certified divers, and act as a dive guide. You will learn about marine life, physics and physiology, and practice your proficiency with scuba and snorkeling skills.


It is designed for advanced divers interested either in working in the dive industry as a professional dive guide, or moving on to become a dive instructor.

*Note: SDI CPROX, CPR1st or CPROX1stAED courses may be combined with the SDI Divemaster program by qualified instructors


Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may assist an active SDI instructor during approved diving courses or supervise and conduct dives for certified divers, provided the activities are similar to the graduate’s prior experience and training.

Starting from

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SDI standards and procedures

History of SDI

Code of ethics and professionalism of an SDI Divemaster

Products and procedures

  • How to place orders
  • Yearly renewals

Liability and insurance

  • Risk management
  • Waivers and releases
  • Accident reporting

Leadership development

  • Planning group dives
  • Divemaster check-lists and logs

Knowledge development

  • Equipment
  • Physics and physiology of diving
  • Medical problems related to diving
  • Use of dive computers and tables
  • ,li>Diving environment
  • Dive planning and dive management
  • Problem  solving
  • Underwater and surface communications
  • Diver assistance
  • Avoiding out-of-air and emergency situations
  • Recommended safe diving practices
  • Boat diving procedures
  • Shore/beach diving procedures
  • Night diving procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Accident management

Satisfactorily complete the SDI Divemaster written examination, or online version, with a minimum score of 80 percent and 100 percent remediation

Complete all water requirements

Demonstrate to an active SDI Instructor the ability to solve in-water and out-of-water diver problems

Demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution

Operate as a Divemaster in a wide variety of environments

  • eLearning user guide
  • SDI logo sticker
  • SDI hat
  • SDI patch
  • SDI/TDI/ERDI Professional bag
  • SDI Dive Leader record folder
  • Rescue Diver slate
  • SDI Divemaster manual
  • SDI Divemaster slate
  • SDI Divemaster KQ
  • US Navy air deco table
  • Online access code
  • Aquatic Adventures provides a complimentary swim pass for the lap pool during your candidacy if you need to practice your swimming

Divemaster candidates are to provide their own dive equipment including the following:

  • Mask, fins, and snorkel
  • Buoyancy compensator device (BCD) with a low-pressure power inflator
  • Regulator with submersible pressure gauge
  • If you are wearing an air-integrated hose-less computer, you are not required to carry a submersible pressure gauge
  • Alternate air sources
  • Weight system
  • Personal dive computer
  • Exposure suit adequate for the training conditions
  • Compressed gas cylinder
  • Compass
  • Knife and rescue signal
  • Tanks and weights will be provided by Aquatic Adventures Ohio during your training


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