Ohio open water season ends in October!

Ohio open water season ends in October!

  • Advanced Diver

Advanced Diver

The SDI Advanced Diver Development Program was created to develop truly advanced divers. To achieve this, the program requires a new open water student to complete 4 SDI, TDI or ERDI Specialties or their equivalent, along with 25 logged dives. By requiring a combination of specialty courses and logged dives, the program emphasizes the importance of both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. SDI believes that this level of training and experience is necessary to create divers who are proficient in advanced diving techniques and capable of handling various diving situations. Upon completion of the program, divers will have a greater understanding of diving theory and technique, be able to dive up to 40 meters/130 feet, and be certified as an SDI Advanced Diver. It is recommended that divers check with their SDI instructor or dive center to ensure that their equivalent certifications meet the transfer eligibility requirements.

Once you get your 4 certifications simply come to the facility with proof of 25 logged dives and documentation of any certifications not taken thru us.

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