Join us for dive pro info night 7/17 at 6pm!

Join us for dive pro info night 7/17 at 6pm!

  • TDI Sidemount Diver

TDI Sidemount Diver

designed to enhance your diving flexibility and efficiency. This course is perfect for divers of all levels, teaching you the innovative techniques of sidemount scuba diving, where tanks are positioned along your sides instead of the traditional back mount. This unique arrangement not only facilitates easier access and superior gas management but also provides critical redundancy in air supply, greatly enhancing dive safety and duration capabilities.

By adopting the sidemount configuration, you gain improved buoyancy control and trim, which contributes to a smoother and more enjoyable dive. It also allows you to navigate through tighter spaces, offering a closer look at the intricate details of underwater environments. This course equips you with the skills to explore deeper and further, opening up a world of advanced diving opportunities. Dive into the TDI Sidemount Diver class to transform your diving experience, foster personal growth, and unlock the thrilling potential of the underwater world. Join us to redefine your diving adventures and explore the depths like never before!

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