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Part Number:NS155124 Manufacturer: Aqualung

The Aqua Lung i200C is a wrist-mounted dive computer designed for recreational divers seeking a stylish, versatile, and easy-to-use device. Its compact design and attractive appearance make it suitable for both daily wear and underwater adventures.

Key features of the Aqua Lung i200C dive computer include:

User-friendly interface: The i200C features a simple menu navigation system with four buttons, making it easy to access and understand important dive information.

Multiple dive modes: The i200C offers four dive modes, including Air, Nitrox, Gauge, and Free Dive, catering to various diving activities and preferences.

Bluetooth connectivity: The i200C allows wireless data transfer to the DiverLog+ app using Bluetooth Smart technology. This makes it easy to log, track, and share your diving experiences on your smartphone or tablet.

User-replaceable battery: The i200C has a user-replaceable battery, eliminating the need for professional servicing when the battery needs replacement.

Audible and visual alarms: The i200C features both audible and visual alarms for important dive information, ensuring that divers stay informed and safe during their dive.

Automatic safety stop countdown: The i200C monitors your depth and time to provide an automatic countdown for safety stops, assisting you in making safer ascents.

In summary, the Aqua Lung i200C is a compact, stylish, and easy-to-use wrist-mounted dive computer ideal for recreational divers. Its user-friendly interface, multiple dive modes, Bluetooth connectivity, and essential features make it a popular choice for divers looking for a reliable and versatile dive computer.

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