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Recreational Courses

Miscellaneous Classes

Equipment Check

Got some new gear you need to check out in the pool? Looking for some non instructional pool time before a trip? The equipment check is the session for you. A dive pro will be on site during your time... Find Out More

Scuba Review

Been awhile since you’ve been diving? Are you planning a trip and feel unprepared to dive? Do you want reassurance that you’re doing everything properly? Our Scuba Review course will give ... Find Out More

Discovery Classes

Discover DPV

Ever thought about trying out a DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle)? Want to come try one out without taking a full certification. The Intro to DPV class is the perfect way to try out a DPV in the pool wit... Find Out More

Discover Scuba Diving

SDI's Discover Scuba Course is an introductory scuba diving program designed for individuals who have never tried scuba diving before. The course typically involves a brief classroom session, followed... Find Out More

Discover Snorkel

Snorkeling is the use of mask fins and snorkel to primarily swim on the surface while being able to keep your face in the water without having to lift your head to breathe. Periodically you may dive b... Find Out More

Future Buddies

SDI Future Buddies is designed to provide children between the ages of 8 and 12 an introduction to scuba diving in a controlled environment, under the direct supervision of an active instructor. Fu... Find Out More

Learn to Dive

Open Water Scuba Diver

This comprehensive certification program provides education on all essential aspects of scuba diving, including dive planning, equipment usage, dive skills, and the underwater environment. Classroom a... Find Out More


Advanced Adventure Diver

The Advanced Open Water Diver course helps divers to increase confidence and build scuba skills to become more comfortable in the water. It’s a great opportunity to log more dives while also lea... Find Out More

Advanced Buoyancy Control Dive...

Introducing a diver to the benefits of controlling his buoyancy usually has a great positive effect, an effect that will enhance the diver’s sense of enjoyment and feeling of accomplishment. Thi... Find Out More

Computer Nitrox Diver

Nitrox is a breathing gas that has a lot of benefits for both new and experienced divers. This course will cover the use of Nitrox mixtures from 22 to 40 percent oxygen. Don't see a class that ... Find Out More

Deep Diver

SDI’s Deep Diver Course is a must for any diver wishing to explore a little more, go a little deeper, and learn the risks and benefits associated with deep diving. Many interesting sights lay ju... Find Out More

Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV)

The SDI Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) class is a comprehensive training program that provides individuals with the knowledge and skills required to use underwater scooters or DPVs effectively in non ... Find Out More

Dry Suit Diver

SDI Dry Suit Diver (Rental suit $150) The SDI Dry Suit Diver Course will open up a whole new world of diving to you. Many of the diving environments around the world are better experienced in... Find Out More

Equipment Specialist Diver

This course is designed to give an in-depth look at how dive equipment works. It will cover general repairs and maintenance of various types of exposure suits, BCD’s, regulators, and other acces... Find Out More

Full Face Mask Diver

Divers often have a need, or want, to effectively communicate underwater. The SDI Full Face Mask Course is the perfect starting point. Full face mask diving allows the diver to relax and enjoy diving ... Find Out More

Night-Limited Visibility Diver

Many divers find that night diving is their favorite type of diving. As with all specialty diving applications, procedures are different than those associated with open water diving. The purpose of th... Find Out More

Rescue Diver

RESCUE DIVER Are you seeking a rewarding new challenge? The rescue diver course will help you to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to perform diver rescues and administer first aid. You... Find Out More

Solo Diver

At one point or another, many divers have found themselves alone during a dive, whether it was intentional or not. SDI’s Solo Diving is the practice of self reliant scuba diving without a &ldquo... Find Out More

Underwater Navigation Diver

Divers are intensely fascinated by navigation… It allows them to make their way back to a special spot discovered on an earlier dive. They use the tricks and techniques of navigation to find an... Find Out More

Wreck Diver - Limited Penetrat...

Wreck diving can be one of the most exciting aspects of sport diving, however every effort must be made to maximize safe diving techniques. The SDI Wreck Diver Course will discuss the equipment and te... Find Out More